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Steel Gas tank for 1984-87 Caravan, Voyager, 20 Gallon Tank, w/o Fuel Injection
One gauge hole 3", Capacity: 20 gallons

Steel Gas Tank for 1987-1990 Caravan, Town & Country, Voyager, w/ FI
Two gauge holes 4", with pan in tank, with internal tube

Steel Gas Tank for 1991-1995 Caravan, Town & Country, Voyager Van
One gauge hole 4", without pan in tank

Steel Gas Tank for 1977-1979 Aspen, Caravelle, Diplomat, LeBaron, Volare
to 04/02/79, from 04/01/77

Steel Gas Tank for 1979-1989 Aspen, Diplomat, Fifth Avenue, LeBaron, Volare
Capacity: 20 gallons

Steel Gas Tank for 1983-1984 Aries, Caravelle, Daytona, Dodge 400
4-156 (2.6L), w/o f.i.

Steel Gas Tank for 1985 Aries, Caravelle, Daytona, LeBaron, Reliant
w/o Fuel Injection

Steel Gas Tank for 1984-1985 Aires, Caravelle, Daytona, E Class, LeBaron, New Yorker
w/ Fuel Injection, w/o Turbo

Steel Gas Tank for 1983-1987 Aries, Caravelle, Dodge 600, Reliant
4-135 (2.2L) w/turbo

Steel Gas Tank for 1985-1990 Aries, Caravelle, Daytona, Dodge 600
w/ Fuel Injection, w/ Turbo

Steel Gas Tank for 1991-1995 Daytona, Lebaron, Shadow, Sundance, TC
2" and 3" gauge holes, without pan in tank

Steel Gas Tank for 1978-1987 Charger, Duster, Horizon, Omni, Shelby, Turismo
without turbo

Steel Gas Tank for 1985-1990 Charger, Duster, Horizon, Omni, Shelby, Turismo
with turbo

Steel Gas Tank for 1988-1990 Acclaim, Dynasty, Imperial
With pan in tank, with internal tube

Steel Gas Tank for 1991-1995 Acclaim, Dynasty, Fifth Avenue, Imperial
Capacity: 16 gallons


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