Offenhauser 1035 Dual Carb Intake Manifold 1950-1959 Chevy 6-Cylinder

Offenhauser 1035 Dual Carb Intake Manifold 1950-1959 Chevy 6-Cylinder

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Offenhauser Dual Carb intake manifolds provide a nostalgic appearance while equalizing fuel distribution to all cylinders, improving both performance and economy. With this lightweight cast aluminum manifold, your old “Stovebolt” will be more responsive across the RPM range. Use with two “big base” carburetors (2-15/16 bolt centers) typical of 1954-62 Chevys.

Fits 216-235-261 Chevy 6-cylinders 1950-1959 engines w/ PowerGlide 1953-1959 engines w/ Manual Transmission

Included linkage kit is “non-progressive,” meaning both carbs operate at the same time.

Notes Note: This intake manifold is designed to bolt up to the heat box on your original exhaust manifold. Exhaust heat must be routed to the bottom of the intake to help keep the fuel droplets suspended in the air/fuel mixture, providing better cold weather performance and overall drivability.

If using our split manifolds or exhaust headers, you must still supply heat to the bottom of intake using a heat box that you fabricate. This can be done by routing either exhaust heat or engine coolant to the bottom of the intake via copper or steel tubing.

Specs Carburetor Port Diameter: 1.700 Intake Port Diameter: 1.550 Carb Bolt Center-to-Center: 2-15/16 Head port flange: 2.468 (2 7/16) Front to Rear 2.315 (2 5/16) Top to Bottom
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