TITAN 67 Gallon Fuel Tank 2008-2010 F250SD, F350SD, and F450SD Ford Crew Cab, Long Bed

TITAN 67 Gallon Fuel Tank 2008-2010 F250SD, F350SD, and F450SD Ford Crew Cab, Long Bed
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67 Gallon*, extra heavy duty cross-linked polyethylene fuel tank. Tank comes complete with powder-coated, plated, or galvanized steel mounting strap set, mounting bushings, vent hoses, rollover safety vent valve, high-strength mounting bolt set, seals and required clamps. Tank features exclusive low fuel trap design. For Crew Cab equipped vehicles with 8.0 ft. Long Beds. The tank also includes a heavy-gauge steel nose skid plate. This plate protects the transmission and transfer case of the vehicle as well as supports and secures the large tank in place. For model years 1999-2010. Note: Some 2008-2010 vehicles may require the “029902 Ford Fuel Line Extension Kit” shown in “Optional Equipment”. Note: The Universal Shield is not recommended for the 7020399 and the 7020308.

TITAN Fuel Tanks are designed for DIESEL FUEL ONLY!

Stock Fuel Tank Capacity: 38 Gallons

TITAN Fuel Tank Capacity: 67 Gallons

Additional Miles with TITAN Tank: 418 (estimated)

Warranty: 5 Years or 50,000 miles


2008-2010 F250SD, F350SD, and F450SD Models with Power Stroke Engines.


2010, 2009, 2008

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